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Everybunny loves Easter

Easter is a fun holiday. The weather is usually pretty great (at least in California), the flowers are blooming and the colors are bright and cheery. I have fond memories of Easter as a kid. We had MASSIVE Easter egg hunts and sometimes the Easter bunny showed up. THE Easter bunny. I mean, aside from Santa, the Easter bunny was top of the people-I-have-to-meet-before-I-die list (truth: that list might have changed slightly since childhood).

As with most holidays, the warm-and-fuzzies fade as an adult. However, I try to hold onto those special holiday feelings by doing fun and special things as an adult. Which brings me to the whole point of this post – healthy, grown-up Easter basket ideas! Yes, Easter baskets for adults are a thing and if you don’t agree, move right along.

Since my hunny bunny and I are on this health kick (lifestyle change), I didn’t want to spoil him with the typical See’s candies and Reese’s eggs and other high-sugar-chocolatey-goodness. Instead, I went on a mission to find “goodies” that were actually good for you and after just a few stops, success! Here is what the Easter bunny will be delivering this weekend:

  • Zico coconut water – hydrating and delicious! I found smaller sized bottles at Target, but our Costco also carries the large cartons if you wanna go BIG.
  • Blue bottle coffee – we loooooooooooove coffee and especially love, Blue Bottle coffee. I ordered the Kenya single origin from their online store, but lots of Bay Area Whole Foods stores carry it, too.
  • Bare baked fruit chips – 100% fruit, 100% baked. I stuck with apples and bananas, but I’ve seen other varieties, too. Picked up a couple bags at Target.
  • Celestial Organics Cinnamon & Cardamom tea – hunny bunny is a huge cardamom fan, so when I saw this tea at Whole Foods, I had to buy it 🙂 Get whatever tea your hunny bunny enjoys!
  • Field Trip Beef Jerky – All Natural Beef Jerky. I will say that this does contain small amounts of sugar and soy sauce, so if you are whole30-ing, omit this from the basket.
  • Justin’s almond butter – I just love these almond butter packets. They are great for people on the go. I picked these up at Target, but Whole Foods also carries other brands of nut butter packets – the raw walnut butter is AMAZING. Reminds me of an oatmeal raisin cookie 🙂
  • Altoids – Because after all that coffee, these are a must.
  • Pistachios – Another great on-the-go snack. Plus, I found the perfect Easter basket sized bag at Target.
  • Homemade dark chocolate almond butter cups – It’s just not Easter without a little treat. I used Primal Palate’s recipe and they are scrumptious (not that I tried them or anything). I also picked up some cute cellophane treat bags to package these up and add to the basket.
  • Homemade paleo granola – Rather than some sort of trail mix, I decided to switch it up and make paleo granola using Paleomg’s recipe and include it in the basket. Again, I used the cute treat bags I bought and filled them with the granola. Yum!

The sky really is the limit when you are building your own healthy Easter Basket! Just remember to read the labels to ensure that what might seem healthy, actually is.

Happy Easter everybunny!

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