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Week 2 Whole30 & SLO Half-Marathon Training

Another week of the Whole30 AND half-marathon training is in the books! I went into the week with some anxiety about having to travel for work, while sticking with my nutrition and workout plan, but I made it through! Below are the workouts I completed this week:


1 hour Cardio Barre class – Since I started working from home, barre class has been my saving grace. It gets me out of the house, I’m meeting new people and it’s a great workout. Add it to your “must try” workout list 🙂


3-mile steady (slow) run 10:29 min/mile average. The blogilates 6 Min to Sexy Arms (requires no equipment!) and Fitness Blender’s 10 Min Abs workouts below.


1 hour Cardio Barre class


4 mile run + 4, 20 second sprints, each followed by 2 minutes of a slow jog. I also completed the 10 minute kettlebell workout below which left me incredibly sore, but in a I-worked-new-muscles way 🙂


I was supposed to do a 4 mile run, however after a Friday filled with travel and tradeshow setup, I needed something less strenuous. I opted for the 35 minute yoga workout below which not only helped me prepare for the day, but eased my sore muscles. Plus, one of my goals last week was do complete a yoga workout, so it’s a win-win.


#SundayRunday: One of the fun things about traveling for work is it gives you a whole new “playground” for your workouts. I hit the road on Sunday morning for a 6 mile run along the Long Beach Marina and it was great! New sites, sounds and cast of characters out at 6 a.m. made the run easier (sort of) 🙂

Goals for this week:

  • Hike it out: It’s staying lighter later, so I’m hoping to squeeze in a post-work hike.
  • Share a recipe! I have so many yummy recipes to share with y’all, I just need to get my act together.
  • Make it through another week of work travel 😉

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