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Week 3 & 4 Whole30 & Half-Marathon Training

I’m such a slacker. I started out with the best of intentions to post a weekly recap of my workouts during this Whole30 and half-marathon training process… and I failed. Not only did I not update you all on my progress, but I also had to cut back on some of my workouts over the past two weeks. Between traveling for work and getting sick, there was very little time (and energy) for my workouts. My travel schedule looked a little something like this: Home > LA > Home > SLO > Home > SJ > Home > SLO > Home. Needless to say, working out 6 days a week was just not possible. I guess that is part of the journey. Some weeks are better than others and all you can do it move forward.

On a positive note, I was able to do two runs in SLO which totally got me amped up for the half-marathon. I actually ran part of the race course during one of them which included some hills (ouch) and made me feel slightly more prepared for the race. SLO might be one of my favorite places to run, hands down. If you’ve never ventured out for a run through SLO, I’d highly recommend it.

Monday 2/29

1 hour Cardio Barre

Wednesday 3/2

A 4 mile run at 10:20 min/mile

Friday 3/4

A 4 mile run at a slightly slower, 10:30 min/mile

Monday 3/7

1 hour Cardio Barre

Tuesday 3/8

A 5 mile run at 10:11 min/mile

Thursday 3/10

A 5 mile run in SLO! I ran the Johnson St. portion of the SLO half marathon race course which includes some good hills. I ran it at a slightly slower 10:30 min/mile pace.

Friday 3/11

1 hour Cardio Barre

Saturday 3/12

Due to the rain, I moved my Sunday long run to Saturday. I ran 7 miles at 10:34 min/mile. I’ve been doing lots of reading on what to do and not to do while training for a race. Most of the articles I’ve read suggest starting your long runs at a slower pace, easing into a steady pace and then picking it up at the end for the last few miles. I tested this out during this run and felt great! I struggle with starting out slow, especially on race day when the adrenaline is pumping, but I’m hoping practice makes perfect.


  • Stick with it! This whole30-gig is up on Tuesday, however, my goal is to continue to maintain this lifestyle and not slip back into bad habits.
  • Do you even lift bro? Probably not often enough. My goal is to do two arm/chest/back workouts next week.
  • Run hills. Ugh. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I know it will make such a difference in how I feel on race day.


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